Are You Really Seeking God?

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Are You Really Seeking God?

Pastor KimFather we thank you again for your Word and Lord every week Word it is always we believe fresh manna from heaven. That manna is to sustain keep provide survive, all and more Father that we may be preserved sustained and kept in this life. But Lord also we are aware that at times your Word is to deliver to change where Father sometimes we have misunderstood or we have not maybe always heard right, or maybe there are hindrances as to hearing the Word properly. Lord we thank you for the deliverance today in Jesus name..

I’m calling this teaching today ‘Are You Really Seeking God?’. This is something that we put a question mark to and we examine ourselves, we look and in the process of examining ourselves we have to have the Holy Spirit to highlight in that examining as to whether indeed we are really seeking God and if we’re not really seeking Him as the scriptures show then He’s going to reveal what hinders us in doing that. That’s the love of God. The Word of God as we know can be hard and the more we listen to it the more our mind and thinking say this is impossible nobody can walk keep this, that’s where our faith then reaches out to the One who did overcome and met the demands of the law that appeased the wrath of God that was once against us.


I want us to look to something very familiar, from time to time we seem to come back to this and I’m very aware that God is getting our attention on some of the very simple basic teachings that we have heard many times over the years… the Gospel of Luke chapter 11 verses 9 and 10 primarily because this in in the process of seeking God. We all do this, many who say ‘I don’t believe in God’ or ‘I’m not interested in God’, but we all – in a trial when we face life and death – something within man is going to cry out to God. Why do we do it? Well because we’re made in the image of God that’s why. Many don’t want to acknowledge that but that is a fact. God wants to show us that when we become believers born again and Spirit filled that principle is still in operation, it’s what we do in a fallen nature.

God in this fallen nature that’s now redeemed and brought back but we live still in circumstances that are fallen He has a way of creating and working a desperation in us. If you are not desperate as a Christian – walking closer to God in relationship and fellowship – something is radically wrong with you spiritually. God has never saved us to become complacent, to rest on our laurels because human nature will do it. Human nature is clever, it will find any way, any excuse just to rest and excuse oneself as to

Are You Really Seeking God?

Are You Really Seeking God?

why we shouldn’t seek The Kingdom as we should with all our heart soul mind and being.. the scriptures tell us that the violent take it by force – The Kingdom, that speaks to me of a desperation. Our trials our circumstances, even our praying today for the saints in Kenya, these are all means and ways of God working desperation in us to be seeking that Kingdom. So the question is ‘are we really seeking God today?’ We get our answers [to] this in verses 9 and 10 [Luke chapter 11]

Luke 11:9-10
Keep Asking, Seeking, Knocking
9 “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 10 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

These are all figurative terms we all understand, Jesus spoke often in parables because most were not educated .. they couldn’t read or right but He would use every day things which they could relate to whether it be farming sowing fishing – putting ones net out, all these things that we take for granted that we do in life Jesus made a story out of them and brought out a spiritual divine principle. Here He talks about doors and about knocking and everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about. We all of us came here today .. through a door. Now praise God none of us had to knock on that door today to come in because we’ve already knocked and the door is open so we come in, that is God’s heart – invites us in.

However there are needs, there are trials, and we knock – we seek for the door to be opened because in our prayers our seeking we’re not just dealing with ourselves. With the needs, with everything that we know that is going on we are contending with something * and that is the powers of darkness .. .. ..

*  ‘Are Your Trials Teaching You Warfare?’

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