The Scrutiny Of The Holy Spirit | Gripped By God

He has sent the Holy Spirit – the scrutiny of the Holy Spirit to deal with all of those things within us.. because we want our own way.. Perfection Of Consecration We’re calling this today ‘The Scrutiny Of The Holy Spirit.’ So much of The Holy Spirit is understood from a theological point of view, […]

Jesus’ Nature That Ruled In Him Is Ours | Jesus Disciple

To make it into the Kingdom of Heaven Jesus’ nature must also be ours. Trying to live a ‘Christian’ life in any other way leads only to despair. The Cry Of Sonship – Evidences of Jesus’ nature Jesus overcame sin and death to become the first overcomer and our redeemer. Hence through the new birth […]

Faith And Deliverance | Hungering For More Of God

Faith and Deliverance.. We will find hindrances to faith removed only when we hunger for more and more of Him.. Everything else then fits like a glove. … When we began to hear and embrace the Deeper Life teaching we soon became aware that there was with the Word being preached a great emphasis and […]

Being Fruitful | Wisdom and Understanding | The Deeper Life

Being fruitful in the House of God is wisdom and understanding Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits.. Knowledge Proverbs 24:4 And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. True knowledge is a skill, a perception, a discernment revealed to the humble before the Lord. So it […]

Permanent Faith | A Faith God Is Looking For | The Overcomer

There is no permanent faith walk and deeper life apart from following the Lamb – The Overcomer. “I Have Overcome The World” The deeper life teaching and faith message is based on Jesus statement ‘I have overcome the world’. It is by overcoming the world that the Bride makes herself ready. There is no bride […]

Secret Faults – Can We Learn From Our Errors? – Facing Giants

In the natural we don’t want to learn from our errors and prefer to bury our secret faults in the sand – but God will not let His bride do that. Revelation of the Truth to our hearts and minds is an ongoing experience as we learn from our errors. And so it is a […]