Clay In The Potter’s Hands | Vessels Of Honor | Video

Pastor Kim

..And so there it is – these clay vessels which is what we are, some for honor and some for dishonor. I thank God that He works in me both to will and do for His good pleasure.. Thank God that He’s put that desire within my heart to breathe out and say to Him ‘ Lord whatever it takes don’t give up on me. Work with me. ‘ We have to be honest sometimes with ourselves – we’re rebellious. We’re stiff necked, we’re willful – we want to do it our way. And then we wonder why we make such a mess of it. ‘ Clay In The Potter’s Hands. ‘

Clay In The Potters Hands

No, these are healthy things to cry out to God.. That He will preserve and keep us.. and not give up on us. If we mean that in our hearts God isn’t going to turn a deaf ear to that. It is His desire to save, It’s not in His heart that any should perish but that all should come to eternal life. That is the Father’s heart. But we have a free will – because God doesn’t want robots. There will not be robots in heaven. Not like man is making today through artificial intelligence.. He wants us to make that right choice.

Clay In The Potter’s Hands

The Nature of Clay

That’s why it’s important that we fellowship together. We get under the Word and so on so that He can continue to work with us. So that He keeps us on that narrow path with our eyes looking to Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. There’s so much in this life to hinder us – to distract and get us off course. But God is always one step ahead. But the point is – ( I’m not going off the subject today ) – ‘clay in God’s hands’. That’s what we’re talking about. Look what God is producing out of this clay – this soil! Because that is what we are. If you want to know your nature – what you really are you look down at the ground that you stand on. And that is what you return to.

Pastor Kim L. Page
Clay In The Potter's Hands