Book Of Ephesians #127 Companions Of Christ 5

The Word and The Spirit go together, The Spirit is in the Word. We’re talking about the message, we’re talking about revelation. ‘Companions Of Christ 5’.

Companions Of Christ 5

Companions Of Christ 5


Companions Of Christ 5

Mark 10:9 King James Version (KJV)

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.


.. God is life, light and love, and we are learning what it is by God’s grace not simply to be bible taught but to be Spirit taught. The Word needs the Spirit and the Spirit needs the Word. When we talk about scripture we don’t just simply mean the letter that kills but we mean the life giving Word – the Spirit that is in the Word. We’re talking about the message, we’re talking about revelation.

Isaiah asked the question ‘who has believed our report and to whom has the Arm Of The Lord been revealed? It’s one thing to have a head full of scripture .. but that in itself does not indicate that one has the mind of Christ. Only the Holy Spirit can anoint our thinking, only the Holy Spirit can unite us to Christ. If we are to have the full understanding of the message we must allow the Holy Spirit to work it.

God is so working the Word in our hearts .. the ‘thorns’ ‘thistles’ and ‘briars’ are opportunists and they will take any bit of ground presented to them. So it is with the Powers of Darkness, they will take any part of ground that we yield to them. Our only defence is the Holy Spirit, but we have an experience in this, a responsibility – that something is already there. That is not simply a bare understanding of truth but a love in our hearts for God’s Word.

The ground of apostacy according the the Apostle Paul was that ‘they did not receive a love for the truth’. When God’s Word find the ground of our affections that will keep us in God’s perfect will. The whole key to this walk dear friends is the affections of our hearts.. ..


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