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Pastor Kim

..And that is why when we hear the Word of God it should be our prayer, it should be our hearts desire -- ‘ Lord, enable me, help me, empower me to be able to mix faith with that which I hear. So that I’m not only a hearer but a doer of the Word of God. ‘ Faith Always Starts From The Basics. ‘

That is what this is about brothers and sisters. So what is that ingredient then. It’s simply to believe. And I’ve already given it to you back in Hebrew eleven verse one.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1
Faith Always Starts From The Basics

You aren’t going to see it when you release faith. .. feel it. You aren’t going to be anointed. It is on the basis of believing because it is an assured revelation. The Word of God is assured. It is your foundation that you stand upon. The Word became flesh in Jesus Christ. This Word that we preach is your foundation that you stand upon.

A Supernatural Walk

But are you sure of that? Do you know its firmness? ..Know that it can hold you through every trial test and tribulation? Do you know that? Because that is the evidence. That is my evidence even though I don’t see that foundation visibly. Even though I haven’t seen Almighty God yet I have the evidence of His love and security, His faithfulness and mercy in my life. That is why your life is a supernatural life as a Christian. You don’t live and act like the world does. You’re different. You are above it.

And yet we’re still here to serve. And at times God will allow us to be a doormat. That is the christian life and walk. That is the fruit we are to reveal to the world. How will they know we are christian unless they see that fruit that is within us.

But we’re talking about faith tonight aren’t we, and believing? You see the trouble is we’re trying at times to analyse with our mind the Word of God. We’re trying to analyse our trials ..Why the healing has not yet manifested. Turn with me if you will to Second Timothy chapter two and verse nine.. ..

Pastor Kim L.Page
Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound. 2Timothy 2:9

Faith Always Starts From The Basics
Faith Always Starts From The Basics