A Heart That Is Pure Before Almighty God

A Heart That Is Pure Before Almighty God

In scripture we’re shown as He said to Israel that He would change these hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. And

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so God is constantly working on our hearts.   When we think in terms of [God’s] working on our hearts we’re also thinking in terms of His working on our faith because it’s all connected.  And so the heart is essential because out of the heart are the issues of life, and life and death can be found in the heart.

And it’s whatever we decide, whatever we choose, whatever we want.  If we give over our hearts to God then He is going to work that purity of heart.  It’s not only a purity of heart but it’s a purity of motive –  of attitude.

You see our motive – attitudes are very important before almighty God.  You see there’s no point in worshipping the Lord if you feel you’ve got to do it.  We worship God because we want to, we do it out of a pure heart, out of a heart that is grateful.

We could say that we don’t come into this room today through loyalty because we must give it support, one is never going to learn anything if that’s the attitude and motive.  We’re all here tonight I assume because we love Jesus.  Purity comes when God places those affections within us.

Laodicea, piers of bridge on Via Egnatia

As we constantly stress – you are never going to walk with God, you are never going to embrace the Deeper Life in the Spirit unless God puts that affection within us.  …..This idea of purity simply means to be clean, and so we are made clean with these pure hearts that God works on.

He works in diverse ways in ..keeping our hearts pure.  As I’ve said already He works through us hearing the Word of God.  The Word of God that we hear is like a washing – a cleansing.

He also works on our heart and keeps our heart pure and clean as we fellowship, as we come together and encourage one another, as we overcome in our trials, as we bow the knee in humility before God, as we confess sin before God when we have fallen short.  All of these are means that the Holy Spirit works in that we can keep and maintain a pure heart…..

A Heart That Is Pure Before Almighty God | Jesus Disciple | purity

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