His Life Worked Out In Me As It Was In His | Video

Pastor Kim

..That is not what it’s about – all we boast about is Christ in me the hope of glory. If you are to boast it isn’t about us. That is the pride that’s killing – paralysing so much of Christendom today. And that is what God deals with – with you and I. That is what has to be put to death in our lives.. Pride is that independent spirit – ‘ I will do it my way, I will worship God how I see fit. ‘ And it never works because the Holy Spirit’s come to teach ..lead ..guide us – to show us how to worship God. To show us how to walk ..live ..pray the prayer of faith.. how to listen to the Word of God. He is the sovereign work within our lives. ‘ His Life Worked Out In Me As It Was In His. ‘

Oneness With Jesus In Prayer

His Life Worked Out In Me

His life is exactly being worked out in my life. The life that was being worked out by the Father in Jesus is the same life that’s being worked out in me. It’s no different – through the Holy Spirit. So the prayers He prayed are being worked out in me. The very prayers that I’m praying – my intercessions – are the prayers that Jesus is praying through you and me. That is why we can have the confidence that Jesus had when He prayed ‘ Father I thank you that you have heard me. ‘ – one of the greatest miracles performed there. [raising of Lazarus]

That is what God is wanting to work through you and I when we pray because we are one with the Father. We are not separated from Him – we have received His fulness. I am one with Christ through the Holy Spirit. So that when I pray I am praying those prayers and the Father will always hear the prayers of His Son. Because I am one with Him and He is one with me. That is what faith is about, that is what our prayer life should be about. That should be your experience as a Christian if you’re baptised in the Holy Spirit.

Faith For Today

Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith, To day if ye will hear his voice, Hebrews 3:7
Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness: Hebrews 3:8

To the extent we are fully yielded to the Spirit will we also know His fulness.. To the extent you are yielded to the Spirit you are experiencing today. That is why you have faith for today. Yesterday is no good – it’s gone. You have faith – the mercy of God – for today.. The extent you are yielded is the extent of your experience of His Fulness. That is entirely up to you – you have a free will. It’s how far you want to go – this is why it’s the Deeper Life. You see the Holy Spirit came for this very purpose and so many don’t see this. He’s come baptising you so that you experience – as you yield – His fulness. Of His fulness you have received.. ..

His Life Worked Out In Me As It Was In His
His Life Worked Out In Me