Is Our Faith Affected By Corona ? | Video

Pastor Kim

So we know where we stand don’t we because He doesn’t change. And so we allow Him to work in us and through us. You see God always sets the bar doesn’t He. He always sets the standard to our faith. He won’t deviate – change. We have to rise up to that standard. That’s why we’re baptised in the Holy Spirit. That’s why the Spirit of God is here to teach us – to help us and to cause us to rise up to that standard. Because no man can meet that standard. ‘ Is Our Faith Affected By Corona ? ‘

God Sets The Bar

That’s why religion is so vain before God. That is why God isn’t in religion. It’s mans works trying to please God. The only way you can please God is to have that simple childlike faith and believe that He can and will do all and more that we can ask or think.

Is Our Faith Affected By Corona ?
Is Our Faith Affected By Corona ?

So God sets the bar and that is why we walk by faith and not by sight. We walk by faith today with this virus that is still attacking globally. And our faith will cause us to rise above it. Our faith will have the right answers to this. Our faith will be able to speak to people when they’re confused – down and feel that they can’t take any more.

We know that governments are so concerned about the mental oppression that this is causing people particularly the elderly on much more severe lockdown. And all of that is quite true – they know the symptoms but we know the spiritual side. We know who’se behind that – who works in that. So we’re able to get in prayer – intercede and bind those demons that are trying to oppress peoples minds. Or your mother your father – they’re mind – or whatever it would be.

You see that is what our faith can do. Our faith can look beyond to what man cannot see. Our faith always has the answer because Jesus is the answer. That is why He sets the bar and challenges us with regard to our faith. We either trust the Lord in this or we don’t.. ..

Is Our Faith Affected By Corona ?