Man Is Being Alienated From The Life Of God

.. This is what’s happening in the world now. God is giving them up. ‘Do what you want.’ But the warning is ‘You Sow What You Reap.’ That is sadly what is happening today. .. Man Is Being Alienated From The Life Of God

Man Is Being Alienated From The Life Of God
Man Is Being Alienated From The Life Of God

Worldly Supermen

.. we think we have supermen today in Hollywood – spiderman or batman or whatever it is. Well God got in there first before Hollywood. Samson was, and she [Delilah] was trying to find out his strength. And eventually he tells her. When the Philistines came in upon him he rises up to come against his enemy and suddenly finds his strength has gone. They gauged out his eyes and put him into prison where he worked like a mule. He was abandoned by God.

That is what it means – God wasn’t with him any more. But eventually God’s mercy did return because his hair started to grow again. We know the story of how he takes vengeance on his enemies in his last day. How he applies that pressure to the pillars when they were all in the grand hall feasting and worshipping their idols. God vindicated and destroyed them all.

Let Them Alone

That’s what happened to Samson and that’s what’s happening in these last days. Man is going against his conscience. What is so awful is the churches are not standing for the truth in these last days. They are compromising in all of this because they don’t want to rock the boat..

Hosea 4:17 Ephraim is joined to idols: let him alone.

.. God said they’ve gone too far. Did you know that Jesus said exactly the same thing?

Matthew 15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind.

.. that is one of the worst statements Jesus said in the New Testament. The judgement of abandonment – they have gone too far.

So brothers and sisters what are we to discern, what are we to test? Jesus said this is what we’re to do.. I am sugesting to you that God has said no to the world ‘I’m done with you, go your own way.’ That is now what we’re beginning to see.. ..

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