Our Faith Must Feed Off God’s Word | Video

Pastor Kim

..And I’ll tell you something – that this food that costs us to get it is not junk food. There is so much spiritual junk food that is around today. You have to search for this. Not all are preaching it. The places where you think it should be – sadly it isn’t. This fresh food keeps us spiritual – It keeps us healthy. It keeps us whole in mind body and spirit because faith comes by hearing the Word of God. (Romans 10:17).. Spiritually healthy – in fellowship with God and each other. It is ministry and wholeness to us – to our whole being. ‘ Our Faith Must Feed Off God’s Word. ‘

Our Faith Must Feed Off God's Word

That is why I believe that the Word of God is the Word to the whole man – body soul spirit. That is how the Word is preached – that is it’s message. Anything less that that is not what we should be having – because it’s health to our whole being. That’s why our faith must be given this spiritual food regularly. It’s like shopping brothers and sisters..

Spiritually Healthy

I just felt the Holy Spirit impressed to me that it’s like going shopping. We have to make an effort to go out and buy food. And sometimes it can be an effort. If there’s a lot of people and there are queues.. But we have to get food in because it’s our survival. And like all foods – if they’re fresh foods – they have to be prepared. Someone needs to know how to cook. Someone needs to understand recipes. You look at recipes – you try things out, or you go back to the usual thing because that recipe stands the test of time. ‘I know this recipe is good – we’ve had it before, and we’ll have it again.’.. ..

Pastor Kim
Our Faith Must Feed Off God’s Word