Our First Love For Our Heavenly Father | Video

Pastor Kim

..And yet we rush off – we assume God’s going to do everything that we want and at our command and so on.. And it doesn’t bear the fruit that it should. It doesn’t glorify God as it should. And above all it’s not making it supernatural. As I’ve said before we as Christians are a supernatural people. We don’t walk like the world, we don’t talk.. act like the world. We find things happen to us that flesh and blood can’t do. That is the nature of our life and walk and we should expect this. ‘ Our First Love For Our Heavenly Father. ‘

Our First Love For Our Heavenly Father

We should expect to see healings.. deliverance.. miracles.. Expect to see God using our hands – sometimes praying, interceding or even laying hands on the sick that they may recover. You should expect that in your life. Not just through the Pastor or an elder or whatever. Through your life the body functions, that’s the whole point. We are all being used now in these last days. Never look to somebody and say ‘ o well they’ve got the faith for that – God uses them. ‘ No, God is going to use you! That’s the whole point.

A Supernatural People

As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again – I’m preaching myself myself out of a job and rightly so, because you are the ones who are going forth now as the sons of God. It’s not just about me or anyone else – or elders ..fivefold ministry. As I said when I came into this ministry ‘ Father what I want in this ministry is that I decrease that they increase through Christ Jesus else I have failed in my ministry. ‘ That’s what I want – more and more to take the back seat as you guys go forward now with what God has equipped you with for the last days. That is what is should be. Hallelujah!

..We will never go deeper in the deeper life until we have learnt that God will not share our affections for Him with others or other things or things of the world. He’s not going to share His love.. what He has put in you and that anointing on you.. ..

Pastor Kim L. Page
Our First Love For Our Heavenly Father
Our First Love For Our Heavenly Father