Our Greatest Need #8

Rooted And Grounded In Love (3)

greatest need

Bro Bob

We’re continuing – praise God – looking at ‘ Our Greatest Need ‘..

..and we’re ‘ Rooted And Grounded In Love; wonderful saviour, what a mighty deliverer. We’re taking this from chapter 3 of Ephesians and verse 17, we’ve been looking for a couple of weeks now at how it is to be rooted and grounded in love and I want to take up from some of the things we spoke of last time and build on that and get into the thing we introduced about bearing fruit. We’re looking at the example of a tree aren’t we – bearing fruit because of what it is rooted and grounded in.

And we looked if you remember at how the Lord said to the apostles and He says to us that ‘henceforth I call you not servants I call you friends. A servant doesn’t know what his lord is doing, but I’m calling you friends because what I’m hearing from the Father I’m revealing to you.’

greatest need

Masada, storehouses

There’s a character in the Old Testament to which exactly the same thing happened – Abraham. God called Abraham ‘my friend’ … Isiaih 41 verse 8 if you want to check it out…

8 “But you, Israel, are My servant,
Jacob whom I have chosen,
The descendants of Abraham My friend.

…..And in Genesis 18 He told him what He was going to do, He revealed that He was about to judge Sodom and Gomorrah. He did that for a reason – He enabled Abraham to intercede for Lot. Abraham stood before Him and the whole scene opening up there was ‘..can I withhold anything from Abraham because I know him that he will order his house correctly..’.

  • And that’s what God is doing in our lives, He knows us, He’s working with us that we will order our lives – order our house correctly

 He’s restoring divine order and He’s enabling us, giving us that divine authority through what He is revealing in the end times – He has shown us the judgement that’s coming on planet earth the universal Sodom and Gomorrah.greatest need

He’s revealing what He’s about to do, dear friends, and trusting us – enabling us to intercede for our loved ones, to intercede for whatever it is that God is putting on our hearts – giving us that authority, that relationship, that standing…. ….

Our Greatest Need #8