The Deeper Life Targets The Root | Video

Pastor Kim
The Deeper Life Targets The Root

..Now, our faith to believe and please God has to be only the size of a mustard seed and that is pretty small. So God is not putting a pressure on us that’s beyond our capabilities or spirituality. No, He says that just a mustard seed of faith will.. uproot and cast a mulberry or sycamore tree.. into the sea.. We’re told a sycamore tree can live up to four hundred years and have deep penetrating roots.. very secure. So it’s interesting that the Lord uses a sycamore or mulberry tree with regard to its roots.. ‘ The Deeper Life Targets The Root. ‘

Going To The Root

This gives us a good understanding with regard to prayer. You see – the Lord is really burdening us to get into prayer in these days. There is much to pray about – still more we’re learning about prayer and spiritual warfare.. Prayer must go to the root – particularly in spiritual warfare. The sycamore has a deep complex root system but our faith says that we can root it up..

One of the things I believe we need to learn with regard to our.. interceding is that the love of money is the root of all evil.. Did you know that Satan holds the nations with this? They’re called Powers and Principalities in Ephesians six. They are what we war against.. We have been shown what power is and it is money.. ..

Pastor Kim L. Page
The Deeper Life Targets The Root
The Deeper Life Targets The Root