The Goal Of The Deeper Life Is Perfection | Video

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Matthew 5:48
Pastor Kim

..I know of very very few that preach this. I’ve looked as I’ve prepared this in some commentaries – some well known commentaries and listened to some forefront teachers on their teaching on Matthew five verse forty eight. None of them seemed to really understand what perfection means. ‘ The Goal Of The Deeper Life Is Perfection. ‘

They always go to the character of Jesus.

‘Jesus was perfect therefore He has made us perfect. We shall be like Him when we meet Him in heaven.’

It’s all what Christ has done and it’s all future what we will be when we get to heaven. But that wasn’t what Jesus was saying. He was saying this for the multitude. He Himself went through this work. It’s here on earth that this work is done and is being done within us.

The Goal Of The Deeper Life Is Perfection

A Work Of The Spirit

This simply reveals again how the church is lacking in the Baptism of The Holy Spirit. But God won’t let that happen with you or I. He’s going to make sure that we continue to be filled – empowered by the very Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. The same Spirit works this perfection and maturity within you and I.

This perfection of ‘full age’ is also for the fruit of the Spirit to be developed in our life and walk. This is part of our spiritual growth and moral character. Jesus said ‘You will know them by their fruit.’ And you know as well as I do that God working His love, forgiveness – the fruit of the Spirit in our life – takes a time. It’s a growth.

It’s not until God sometimes exposes unkindness, or that we’re not just loving as we should be, that we realise that we’re still a work in progress, and that He’s working that perfection within us. That is what it means to grow up – to mature into sonship.. ..

Pastor Kim L. Page
The Goal Of The Deeper Life Is Perfection