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Book Ephesians #3 The Heart Of Sonship

The Heart Of Sonship Ephesians 1:5 King James Version (KJV) 5 Having predestinated us unto the adoption of *children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will,




.. .. Something so deep in the Fathers heart that few see it. It’s revelation friends. Motivated by His love – God’s ultimate redemptive purpose is going to be fulfilled through bringing overcomers to the fulness of Christ.

The Heart Of Sonship

These are sons, these are those that have realised that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is God’s call to sonship, that threshold experience to bring us into the fulness of Christ.

It’s one thing to be filled with the Spirit, but as we go on being filled we experience that continual growth to the fulness of the Spirit which is the fulness of Christ as we continue to walk daily in His presence.

What is the difference between children and sons? Sons have overcome their fear of trials and are growing up. Children remain immature – faith is just a means of getting there needs met. Sons have realised that faith is the God given means by which we make total commitment – by which we give ourselves fully to God. We don’t try to give God our best – we give Him our all and He does the rest. God does it in and through us.

The Heart Of Sonship; Colosse, acropolis mound


The baptism in the Spirit friends is the means to bring us to that place where we lose our fear of trials. God perfects us through those trials and tests and it causes us to mature and grow up. We often have in our minds a pre-conceived idea of perfection – of holiness and it causes consternation, confusion condemnation when we fall short. Maturity and completion is a revelation, only the Holy Spirit can show us what it is to mature in the Fruit of the Spirit … …


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Colosse, acropolis mound