The Holy Spirit Helps Us To Walk Worthy | Video

Pastor Kim

Well there you are – God made that covenant with him. And as a result of God being faithful in that covenant because a covenant requires two people to come together to agree upon. That is why you and I are here today. Because of this covenant God made with Abraham. And He said ‘walk with me and I will bring forth a seed from you.’ ‘ The Holy Spirit Helps Us To Walk Worthy. ‘

And that is why we walk by faith and not by sight. Just like Abraham did. You see we often have to mature to walk before God. We don’t get these experiences straight away. God has a time in which He reveals Himself to us. Sometimes we feel ‘ I wish Lord You’d done that five or ten years ago or whatever it is, but God’s timing is always perfect when He meets with you in a special way. And God does meet with us in a special way from time to time as believers. There is a reason why He meets with us in that way. Very often it’s to encourage us to walk uprightly with Him. To continue in the faith.

The Holy Spirit Helps Us To Walk Worthy

A Special Relationship

He reveals Himself that He is faithful – that He will answer your prayers. He does hear you. You are special – redeemed in His sight. God can have a way where He can reveal Himself where it’s just you and God. It’s like everyone else disappears – it’s just you and Him. They are special rare moments that we can have with Him. It’s a sign of His love – a sign that His hand is upon our life.

The Holy Spirit Helps Us To Walk Worthy

So you walk with Him to fulfill your ministry. To fulfill the walk He has set for you – the task. But it also indicates a journey – a moving forward. It’s leaving the old behind. God very often won’t let us keep looking back. It’s not healthy for Christians to look back.. ..