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Pastor Kim
The Promises Becoming Reality

..That is my faith – the evidence is there – because that’s what God says I can be and have. So I have confessed that – I have claimed that – I believe that in my life. And one day it will be manifested – when the Sons of God are glorified and revealed. It’s there. So it’s that absolute proof of its reality – its existence. The Word of God that you hold in your hand – those sixty six books are proof, they are reality not only of the existence of God but everything about God and who He is – and so on. That’s why we labour in it. ‘ The Promises Becoming Reality. ‘

This is why God is so concerned – He wants to get to your faith every time we come together. That’s how you’re built up in the faith. This is how faith comes – by hearing the Word of God. Because many are not going to stand in these last days – their faith is going to fail them. But you have the promise in God’s Word that your faith will not fail you – because you believe it. You believe what the Lord says – you believe what it says in John seventeen – Jesus’ prayer that He’s prayed over you. Your faith is in that. And one day it will be manifested – it will be seen.

Access To The Promises

This is why God is going to manifest the sons of God – because groaning creation is waiting for it. so it’s absolute proof of its reality – it’s existence. It means your faith is revealed from God’s Word. He’s granted you access to those promises and it’s the evidence that you have received. He has granted you it – He’s given you His blood. He’s given you His promises and He says you can have access to them now. They are part of your inheritance. Take them, confess them, believe them, act upon them. Even though you may not see it yet you walk by faith and not by sight.

This is why brothers and sisters it has to be in the heart. I come back again to the Parable of the Sower. You see Satan knows all of this yet how sad that a lot of christians don’t really know this. He is aware of this, he is aware that God puts the seed of His Word into our hearts.. ..

Pastor Kim L. Page
The Promises Becoming Reality
The Promises Becoming Reality