Trials Are To Teach Us Warfare! | Deeper Purpose Of Trials Video

Pastor Kim

I have a title for our teaching today – ‘ Trials Are To Teach Us Warfare ‘. We may wonder why it is that we go through much tribulation and trial in which to make it into the Kingdom of God.



Trials Are To Teach Us Warfare!

These trials that God permits in our lives as Christians we know so often as a work of the enemy. The enemy knows that trials cause us to be inward looking and to blame other people or God or whatever. The enemy works through trials.

Trials Are To Teach Us Warfare

Sometimes we forget that our trials are always a bigger picture. So often when the trial comes knocking at the door – unexpectedly which often they do – we first have to battle with ourselves. We soon realise we’ve got to turn away from these trials and look wholely and completely to the Lord. It’s because otherwise we’d become completely overwhelmed by our trials.

Many of the trials that we go through in this life are because of a fallen world. Indeed why shouldn’t we go through trials? The world goes through trials, countries governments and leaders all go through trials.


But for us who are christian – redeemed by the blood of the Lamb there is a deeper purpose. We can give our trials over to the Lord. That is where we see the miraculous power of Almighty God working. That is what’s so different. We have to get our heart solely set upon the Lord and that releases us from ourselves. Release from depression, from blaming or whatever it is we may do.

As we turn our attention to the Lord we begin to experience that in our trials we are not on our own.. God is with us and teaching us something. Trials are to teach us warfare and faith – seeking God and waiting upon Him. The purpose of trials is to teach us to actually let go and let God take over in a situation that in the natural is impossible.. ..

Pastor Kim
Trials Are To Teach Us Warfare
trials teach warfare


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