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Pastor Kim

..Because you see, if our hearts are not right we will go where our affections – our heart – is. And that’s why it has to be changed. You see that principle running through the Old Testament as well as into the New. Saints going out of the will of God because their hearts were not as they should be. They were going where their affection was. That’s why you’ve got the story of Samson. Samson was stubborn – he wouldn’t listen to his parents. And so his heart goes off with Delilah the philstine – and of course it’s nothing but trouble. His life was trouble, and we know the story – eventually he’s imprisoned – they pull out his eyes – he gives the secret of his strength away – his hair. He was doing what was in his heart. ‘ Where’s Your Heart ? ‘

A Change Of Heart

Where Is Your Heart ?

But God had to do something there. God had to change that heart. And we know in the end he asked to give glory to God’s name by ‘dying with the Philstines’. But why go that way – saved by the skin of your teeth because you’re stubborn – willful – you don’t want your heart changed ? And sometimes we find that rises up, and when it rises up you’ve got to get before God.

Where’s Your Heart ?

‘Lord work with this heart, change this heart of stone to a heart of flesh. There’s areas of stubborness, willfulness rising up in me.’

If you mean business and you’re crying from the heart – is God going to block His ears to that – of course He’s not!.. ..

Pastor Kim
where is your heart