Will You Come To Me ? | Two Wills In Conflict | Video

Pastor Kim

..And we embrace and we love one another with that love that God has given to us – whatever our color our creed our background or whatever. Brothers and sisters if it doesn’t start in you and me it will never happen. It takes one match to be ignited to set a flame – a fire in the world. Brothers and sisters you are that match. You are that flame. And don’t believe anything else – what the devil tries to say. It starts with you and I not running away. That can never happen. It’s as we remain – stand together united – one in Him – that He brings down the powers of darkness. ‘ Will You Come To Me ? ‘

Will You Come To Me ?

God’s Divine Order In The World

Christian Obedience

He brings this down because He honors your prayers, your intercessions. And how we need to pray now with what is going on in the world – with this uprising. God has set the powers that be – He has set the police force. Yes there is corruption – things that go on – but they still bring peace to our streets – to our lives. And that is the point. Do we want anarchy in our streets? To see people being beaten up and murdered and pillaged even more? Do we want to see our homes ravaged – bricks thrown through the windows – and so on? That is why I thank God in this country that we still have comparative peace and prosperity because we pray for our government.

We pray for our leaders – we pray for the police – and all of those who have these huge tasks. I only heard a report this morning that there are alot in the police force who are deciding it’s not worth it. ‘It’s not worth it policing any more because we’re wrong whatever we do. We cannot get it right.’ Is that what we want? That is why we pray. And if they are corrupt then we know what to do. We war in the Spirit. We come against those powers and principalities. Thank God we’re not like some countries. Thank God we’re not like China – under a communist state – or whatever.. ..

Pastor Kim L. Page
Will You Come To  Me ?