John 1:14

14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 6:54

54 Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.



power of the mind – how the mind works

‘saturate the mind with God’s seed’

Pastor Kim

Pastor Kim

Well the title this morning that I have and it’s not anything new but I think that the Lord will show new angles as He always does because faith is like that diamond isn’t it, and a diamond gives out many many facets – reflections,  refractions of light as it moves and so it’s never ending really.  This is a part of the Deeper Life teaching with regard to our minds, our confession, our hearts, and this morning we’re going to talk about ‘saturate the mind with God’s seed’.

Years ago I showed in teaching that mans mind is under a battle – that is really where the battleground is – it is in [the mind] and that is where Satan attacks.   That is where Satan has access to mans mind, and that is something that God never wanted man to experience in the Fall because He knew that – if man were to go his own way through the trickery of the enemy – the enemy [would have] access to [the mind].

Mans mind [and brain] was created for the access of God, for fellowship [and] revelation knowledge, for understanding to learn about almighty God,  that is why the creation of mans brain is phenomenal.   Medical science never stops learning about mans brain  and yet our understanding of the function of the human brain is still – with all the advances today and all the technology – limited.   Why such a creation, why such a wonder?  Because mans mind – the brain – was created for God.  It was created so that man could learn the ways of the Lord, that he could receive that divine flow of revelation – learning all the time.

We’re told that we use something like between five and ten percent at the most of our brain power so little wonder that at the fall Satan knew exactly where to attack .. [raising] the first question in mans mind (‘Has God said?) as to whether God was faithful and true to His Word.  And so he has that access to the mind.

When man fell [God]  had to .. cover sin .. reconcile man back to God.  That reconciliation [made] mans spirit right again .. renewed.. born again [and] – because your spirit is in a body –  provided for the body even in this life – which we call healing and deliverance..   God has to get [the mind] and thinking right for .. healing to take place .. The power of the mind over the body is phenomenal and that is why the Spirit gave us teaching on  ‘positive thinking and confession’  ..  brought under God’s positive .. promises which we embrace confess read –  causes the law of life to keep in operation over our entire being in this life..

.. God first and foremost is working in deliverance.  Why deliverance? .. Because  spirits attack the mind.  [With] every thought that is opposed or opposite to God’s standard – to God’s Word -[there] is probably a spirit – a demon .. behind it,  let’s make no bones about it.  And so what we dwell upon – what we entertain – is eventually what we take on,  [dwell upon] the thought of unforgiveness  long enough and that unforgiveness begins to take root within you.. it’s the Parable of the Sower.  You have a side of you spiritually – within the heart – where good or bad seed can be sown.  When God saved us He  chose to reside in the most wicked part ..  the heart .. so rebellious that man doesn’t even know it .. doesn’t God take a challenge!  He begins to set deliverance, that is the first thing He must do .. because He’s got to work with your thinking your mind your attitudes.

From the moment of birth you have been brought into a world where you have sin corruption around you; .. parents meant the best but most of our parents were in sin so ..  their protection of you was done out of fear and unbelief; .. Ancestral things that go back three or four generations. ..  And so for years you have been sitting week after week under a message  that is fundamentally about deliverance – setting the captives free.  Much of your battles [are] because of wrong thinking – wrong attitudes majoring on the negative – opposite to the promises of God’s Word.  God faithfully week after week.. works with us reminding us [and] taking us through all the principles of His Word – bringing us under this end time message and anointing –  delivering us, setting us free.

And how’s He doing it?  Through the anointing and revelation of His Word.  What is He getting to? Your faith.  When He’s getting to your faith He’s getting to your heart, when He’s getting to your heart He’s getting to your faith because it’s all mysteriously connected and intertwined spiritually. . We’re told in scripture are the sum total of your thoughts,  are you entertaining wholesome thoughts, good thoughts, the Word of God, His seed, His Word to wash over into your mind and into your heart and spirit or are you entertaining other thoughts? .. well we are at times and we call them open doors and behind that is still a satanic power in operation.

God is working with you to close those doors and we call it deliverance.  As those doors start to close in your life .. if there are physical ailments – very often we then find healing starts to take place often just automatically.  Much of what we see today in regard to sickness is as a result of what man has sown over the centuries.  Sin has brought in disease and sickness.  With all the technology  that medical science boasts in today it still will not be able to cope with what is coming on planet earth..

The Lord wants us to saturate our minds .. with the Word of God .. this is absolutely essential.  [We] should be open to receiving this Word so that our minds are saturated.  The term ‘to saturate’ means an overflow, a flooding – excessive, and that is what God wants .. that’s how He expects us to come – believing

‘Lord  you’re going to saturate me with your Word, you are going to overflow me with your presence – your Word’

That should be within our hearts.  That should be the desire.. the attitude… our faith our believing because if God can’t do that then certainly nobody else can – this is imperative.. .. ..

The mind is the battleground

The mind is the battleground in this life since Satan gained access to it in the garden. The mind was for man to fellowship with and receive revelation from God, ever learning of His ways (hence it’s immense potential capacity), God intended to have sole access but Satan penetrated mans mind with the arrow that questioned Gods Word – “hath God said?”.

Through the cross God not only covered sin but also reconciled man to himself by renewing the spirit of man – the new birth, and providing for the saved man’s body and mind thru’ healing and deliverance in this life – the deeper life.

God has chosen to reside in that most corrupt area of man, his heart, setting forth deliverance from there.  From the moment of birth I have been surrounded by a world of sin and corruption,  subject to negative parental influences and subject to binding ancestral legacies,  and so I have been sitting week after week under a message that is fundamentally about deliverance.  Much of this deliverance is centered around wrong thinking majoring on the negative and opposed to God’s promises –  and God is setting the captives free through the anointing and revelation of His Word.

 God is getting to my heart and when He gets to my heart He gets to my faith, these are cumulus-cloudsmysteriously connected and intertwined. The sin and disease prevalent today are a result of what man has sown over the centuries, and our only means of preservation is in that spiritual ark.  God is a God who provides but in that provision we have to do it His way.  There is but one way to freedom and for God’s provision to be worked into our lives, it is a narrow way – a way that man in his pride will not go.  The broad way is Satan’s biggest deception over the religious world.


Proverbs 23:7

7 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

“Eat and drink!” he says to you,

But his heart is not with you.

 Spirits attack the mind, every thought opposed to God’s standard or Word is probably a spirit and we will eventually take on that which we entertain or dwell upon.

The mind is a field into which I choose to sow bad seed or good.  Do not entertain the negative else it will bring in depression and oppression…

Persistent thoughts opposed to God’s word are ‘open doors’ behind which a satanic power operates; the closing winter-riverof a door (called deliverance) often enables healing, God has to get a man or woman’s mind right before healing can take place. Saturation of my mind with God’s seed is a vital principle in my deliverance; my mind must continually be open to receive an overflowing of truth to provide access for God to work.

..As soon as I wake up this renewing process must begin – remember it’s a battle – the enemy wants to take hold of your attitude and thinking right there and then – but you have a choice…

heaven-clouds Confess “this is the day I walk with God……” else the enemy will take hold of your thinking right there.  Sing choruses in the bathroom; come to meetings believing that God will flood me with His Word; spend quality time casting down the negative. The only way to expose the tares is by saturation with God’s seed. God is working in my heart to change it from stone to flesh.  A stony heart will not want to cast down wrong thoughts but rather to entertain them to gratify flesh and pride, allowing them to play theatrically on and in the mind.  Come clean in brokenness, confess wrong thoughts as opposed to God and an abomination in His sight and believe in His promise to change my heart and bring deliverance from Mt Zion in the last days.

2 Corinthians 10:5

5 casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,

 Once God’s grace has worked in me that hate for wrong thoughts they may be evicted or starved out as branches-and-snownecessary and replaced by a flow of faith in those areas, to the end that all thoughts are obedient to Christ.

Romans 12:1-2

1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.

 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

My mind is to be renewed in line with my renewed spirit and my delivered heart of flesh. Then I will be able to discern God’s will in these last days.  The mind must be delivered to receive the perfect will of God.  All doubt, fear and unbelief, these demonic forces speaking paranoia to the mind, must be removed for me to hear what God is saying.


  Meditate on These Things

Philippians 4:8

8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

Deliverance in the mind facilitates meditation which is essential for my walk with God, waiting on Him in stillness. Through meditation on the positive I am kept balanced and sane under powerful external influences. Mental attitudes play a big part in my physical and mental health.



I have to decide what I want to think.  Can I believe that God can take control of my thought life?  From this I will become free to flow out to others.

Saturate Your Mind With God's Seed

Saturate The Mind With God’s Seed


saturate the mind with God’s seed

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